Privileged to be included in Cat Bennett's new book....

 I am so thrilled and privileged to be included in Cat Bennett's new book 'Making Art A Practice' (Findhorn Press) the sequel to her first book 'The Confident Creative - Drawing to free the Hand and Mind ' which has had such an influence on my work and my teaching too. She really understands the creative process and what it takes to be an artist and is one of life's encouragers!

Cat is a wonderful artist and was a professional illustrator with clients that include the Boston Globe, The New York Times, Time Magazine and many others. She lives in Boston and runs the Boston Saturday Morning Drawing Club. 

David Shepherd's favourite things include my stained glass shield

David Shepherd mentions the stained glass shield I designed and made for him in an article about his house in the Daily Mail.

It was commissioned by his wife Avril as a surprise 80th birthday present. She took him away for the weekend and we snuck in and installed it!

As he says it depicts all his favourite things. Painting the Black Prince (his steam engine) I was worried that I would get every pipe and cog in the right place!

I am thrilled that he likes it so much.

Shield for David Shepherd's 80th birthday.

New glass for Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir

Having previously made the screen in the restaurant, Raymond wanted me to face the pillar opposite it with a similar glass treatment, but because it was against the wall it couldn't be transparent so therefore it had to be done on mirrored glass.

The design is a reverie of Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons based on Raymond's ideas and every detail honed extensively....

A voluptuous woman drapes herself over a pumpkin and dreams of Le Manoir whilst the sun shines down on the scene and the steam from a tureen drifts up past her. 

Vegetables are represented, in a bowl, and growing in the kitchen gardens whilst a worm and a fossil re-appear (as seen in the screen previously) in the metalwork base.

The glass is acid-etched with a beautiful satin effect finish and then sand-blasted. However some of the mirror is left un-treated which adds a contrasting sparkle. I then rubbed in the colour to various sand-blasted elements.

"I remember that day when I told Stoney of my vision, my ideas. Using her exceptional talent, knowledge of design and passion for her craft, she created something of true beauty. To work with Stoney was a joy and an utterly enriching and rewarding experience."  Raymond Blanc