Mondrian stained glass window for Twickenham

This tall landing window on the stairs of a new house in Twickenham was based on a Mondrian type design. The clients wanted to keep it simple and so I used no colour but many different textured clears, sometimes less is more! It was fun to source the glass, some of it was old glass that was recycled - you just can’t get some of it any more. The stained glass is encapsulated in sealed units.

Window at Eridge Church installed at last!

I am thrilled to at last install my window at Eridge Church (East Sussex), what a journey it has been! It has taken 6 years to see this project completed through many different obstacles and heartaches but we have made it and the clients are very happy which is the main thing.

Art for the Heart at Skyros, Greece

Just come back from Skyros ( where I was a facilitator at Atsitsa for two weeks.

I had really wonderful creative groups of people and they sang along and made fantastic art, great fun!

They painted Mandalas about their life, made sculptures and mobiles from found objects and we did a giant collage altogether, topped off with a private view at the end.


I have been drawing up the cutline to work from for the church.

I had to get all the panels lined up to draw the central circle so that it is in the correct position across the three windows, a bit tricky.

My posh compass wasn't quite big enough so I resorted to an old blackboard compass but it did the job perfectly!

Next I will work on the crests and other details.

Glass screen for Two Brydges Club, Covent Garden

I am very pleased to have installed a stained glass screen at the Two Brydges Club, a lovely private members' club in London's Covent Garden.

It divides the members' bar from the public area of the club and comprises of three large panels, a door, and three thin vertical strips. It was good to be able to design the glass and frame to achieve the best result. The vertical strips allow light into the bar at a lower level whilst maintaining privacy for the members.

The design is influenced by Weiner Werkstatte and uses some of their motifs; spirals and squares. I wanted it to be fun and it has quite a few references to food and drink, it is quite detailed and so people may notice different elements on separate visits. I used many different textured clear glasses and opaque whites which enables it to read and twinkle in lower light levels.

Grapes door

This door is of a classic grapes design, for a private residence in Sussex. It opens on to a greenhouse with a real vine.

The hand-blown glass is painted and fired.

Hampstead Glass Feature

This glass feature was made to replace a fish tank! The height was doubled and a light box was installed.

The water-colour design is based loosely on Hampstead Heath with a flowing leaf motif.

The glass was air-brushed and painted with vitreous enamels that were then fired.The painting was done in reverse.

Then the leaves were cut out of hand-blown glass and laminated.

Creative Art Workshop in the South of France

It was a great workshop! We explored the local environment through art via Dufy and Matisse, photography and art and text.

The landscape was magical with hidden ruined castles on pointy mountains, dense fields of wild flowers and lavender, dozens of butterflies, a perfect chapel on a steep hill with one cypress tree and rivers you could bathe in.

We went to the brilliant local market at Die a picturesque town and sat outside the cathedral for lunch, painted the lavender fields and visited a sculptor's hilltop village up the road which he had brilliantly built again from scratch with such clever and inspirational design and making skills.

The workshop was rounded off with an exhibition and we worked on a large group Matisse cut-out all about the place where we were staying.

Snowdrops screens for Hospice

I have recently completed two screens for the new In-Patient Unit at St Richard's Hospice, Worcester.

The two screens for the reception desk are of a snowdrop design picking up on the Hospice's logo of snowdrops (seen in the background of the first picture).

The design was in watercolour and this was then digitally printed on to optically clear film, applied to the glass and then sandwiched between two pieces of toughened glass.This means that it is even more durable.

Art workshop in the South of France

I am excited to be running an art workshop for adults in the South of France from July 12th - July 19th 2014. It's in a lovely rambling old stone farmhouse with it's own swimming pool in a medieval hamlet in the Drome region. The lavender and sunflowers will be out then, with a backdrop of the Alps.

It's for anyone who would like to have fun, be inspired and be creative!

Daily morning sessions making art in response to the surroundings using watercolours, acrylics, collage, photography etc. - all in a friendly group in a safe supportive environment! There will be time to pursue your own work in the afternoons whether by the pool, on the terrace, the meadow garden or around the village (a ruined castle and hill-top church are in easy walking distance).

There will be inspirational field trips to hill-top villages and market towns taking in the stunning mountain scenery with its tumbling streams and waterfalls.

Meals will include gorgeous regional French cookery using local produce and delicious local wines.

There are still a few places left!

Cost including tuition, accommodation and full board £495.

For more info visit

Contact me


Roses round window

Here's a recent window depicting four different genuses of roses :- Alba, Banksia, Damask and Gallica.

There is a swooping Harris Hawk in the centre.

A good example of a personalised window! After all if you are commissioning a window it's a good idea to make it mean something to you!

Working in Germany....

I have just returned from Germany at Peters studio where they are working on a job for me.

I was surrounded by art, fantastic glass and great skills - all very inspirational!

The commission is for a private house and I did a design in watercolour which will be reproduced using air-brushed vitreous enamels which are then fired.

There are also antique glass leaf elements which will be bonded on.

We were working on the preliminary samples. The whole piece will be back-lit and this effects the colours.

The one to one!

The one to one!

Painting tips from Claus

Painting tips from Claus

Painting with the badger

Painting with the badger

Air-brushing a sample

Air-brushing a sample



More samples

More samples

Choosing glass

Choosing glass

Refining the leaves

Refining the leaves

Stained glass project course results

We had a a good weekend and a great group of people - never a dull moment!  

Lunch outside and lots of laughs. 

Everyone did some painting and firing and included the pieces in their panels.

As usual they are all very different :- Tulip fields in Holland, Fern, Horse, Dove, Butterfly panel.

Kentish Gold Door

Just put in my Kentish Gold door for a private client who lives in a wonderful Victorian gothic country house. She was brought up in Kent surrounded by hops, chickens, bee hives etc hence the subject matter.

The door is on the side of the house and opens on to a lobby area with lovely golden stone flags and a warm coloured wooden side board with reddish marble top so the golds and red in the stained glass pick upon all this very well.

The door is facing the west so the sunset in the door will be enhanced when the outer door is open on a good sunset day! 

The fish - a rudd is trying to catch a fly, people keep thinking it's real! 

I am relieved that the glass is in safely and pleased that my client is very happy with it!