‘Creativity is the voice of the spirit’  Maritza Burgos

My desire is to make glass that calls to our hearts and touches the spirit, uplifting us and connecting us to the whole universe.

I want to make glass that is kind, that converses well with the architecture around it. Traditionally coloured glass has always been associated with sacred spaces.

We shouldn’t be afraid to feel and be connected with our emotions.

Colour affects our emotions and coloured light is the purest form of colour so has the most powerful effect on us. My coloured glass uses this effect directly and can dramatically change the atmosphere.

I want to take this into new and existing spiritual spaces in new ways.

I work with connection and intuition to bring colour, light and beauty into sacred spaces.

My intention is to imbue the space with a special uplifting atmosphere so that people have a deep response to the glass that supersedes the cerebral.