New glass for Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir

Having previously made the screen in the restaurant, Raymond wanted me to face the pillar opposite it with a similar glass treatment, but because it was against the wall it couldn't be transparent so therefore it had to be done on mirrored glass.

The design is a reverie of Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons based on Raymond's ideas and every detail honed extensively....

A voluptuous woman drapes herself over a pumpkin and dreams of Le Manoir whilst the sun shines down on the scene and the steam from a tureen drifts up past her. 

Vegetables are represented, in a bowl, and growing in the kitchen gardens whilst a worm and a fossil re-appear (as seen in the screen previously) in the metalwork base.

The glass is acid-etched with a beautiful satin effect finish and then sand-blasted. However some of the mirror is left un-treated which adds a contrasting sparkle. I then rubbed in the colour to various sand-blasted elements.

"I remember that day when I told Stoney of my vision, my ideas. Using her exceptional talent, knowledge of design and passion for her craft, she created something of true beauty. To work with Stoney was a joy and an utterly enriching and rewarding experience."  Raymond Blanc